Abraham & Ishmael & sacrifice and About Kurban Bayrami

‘Kurban Bayrami’ the most important religious and secular holiday of the year. "Kurban’ means sacrifice in Turkish. Kurban Bayrami comes during the happy season of the pilgrimage (HAC) period, to thank ALLAH (God) for sending a ram for Prophet Hz.Ibrahim(Abraham) to slaughter instead of his son Ismail(Ishmael).

Kurban Bayrami commemorates Prophet Abraham’s near-sacrifice of his son Ismail(Ishmael). In the story, God orders Abraham to take his son up to Mount Moriah and sacrifice him. Abraham takes takes his son up to mountain and lays him down. But at the last moment God stop Abraham, congratulates him on his faithfulness and order him to sacrifice instead a ram tangled in a nearby bush, which Abraham does. .

Also; KURBAN BAYRAMI is an important affirmation of one of the key tenets of ISLAM, shared social responsibility. Families who can afford to sacrifice an animal(mostly a ram or goat) will do so and there is a complex code stipulating how the carcass should be distributed amongst friends, family and charitable concerns.








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4 Responses to Abraham & Ishmael & sacrifice and About Kurban Bayrami

  1. Pascal says:

    Hi Osi,super, I got your answer today, good surprise on sunday afternoon :-))You\’re asking when I came to Turkey: > I\’m not 100% sure, but I think it was about 15 years ago> for 1. & 2. time, I was doing an auditing in Istanbul, unfortunately I hadn\’t enough time to really see and enjoy this beautifull town > so I decided to come back some months later with my wife and my yougest son> I had great chance: a very good friend of mine (I had audited) sended a car with driver and a translater> so we visited all the well know places in Istanbul .. mostly are on your space > very good remembers for me> I also was in Ankara, only for auduting needs and didn\’t see a lot of your capital, but can remember a very very good diner > a local fish in salt hmmmm :-)> one evening I was invited > a small town on the Black Sea, again a phantastic diner> on a private base, I finally passed a week in Antalya for vacation and passed very good timeMeeting Meltem on www, a very nice blogfriend, and you .. gave me the idea to visit again Istanbul. My turkish friend I know since I was auditing him long time ago, told me Istanbul has changed a lot and I should have to come and visit it again.That\’s what I want to do next year.Thx a lot for your very kind proposition for helping me when coming to Turkey.Hope to keep in touchSee youPascal

  2. winter says:

    Hi my dear friendOf course love has a lot of meaning…I love Mi cat, I love my chldren, and my mom…this is pure love! But there are also different ways of loving :). As the song says, "everybody hurts…sometimes". Well, that\’s life.Here in Lisbon it\’s raining too, its a grey day, a dark one.So today I\’ll stay at home.It was nice to hear from you. I missed you.Kisses, hugsYour friendMagicways

  3. Vasco says:

    Thanks for the visit and for the encouraging words,your space is very nice too,and with stuffs about Portugal,that\’s really great!thanks a lot,and come back whenever you want.

  4. miss says:

    selam..bu aralar pek ugra$amiyorum space ile …pek vakit ayiramiyorum acikcasi..ziyaretin icin t$kler

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